06. Fine-tuning


We know that projects are living things and don't end with the launch. Therefore, we want to continue providing our services to the projects we work with, providing follow-up and care.

  1. New features

    Image of the service step New features

    Projects are living things. As time goes by, it is very likely that there will need to be retouches or new functionalities that were not necessary at the time. Through a budget or a bank of hours, we can cover and work on those aspects that have become essential and ensure that projects are always up to date.

  2. Restyling

    Conveying ideas visually is very important if we want to make a good impact on users and their experience. For this reason, transmitting as many messages as possible through this medium has become a sine qua non prerequisite of any digital project. For this, we count on a team that understands the importance of working well with images and that technically dominates their characteristics. They are in charge of ensuring the format and resolution are the most ideal for specific devices in a responsive, efficient and sustainable way.

  3. Providing content

    There are projects with a large volume of content, whether it is current information or historical data. Omatech can help, on one hand, in the introduction of new content for each project, regardless of the volume. On the other, we also facilitate the transfer of old content and its organization within the project thanks to our knowledge and expertise.

  4. We want to be by your side

    Digital projects are always susceptible to change and at Omatech, we are aware of this. For this reason, we like to follow up on our projects and accompany them in their evolution.