05. Take off


This is the most important and exciting moment in a project: putting it into production. This is when users can start to use the tool and so, it is essential to take into account the security of the product. In Omatech, we rely on a very solid foundation to provide foolproof protection and ensure a much more better user experience.

  1. Testing, testing...1, 2, 3

    One of the main bases in this phase is the creation of a test environment. This way, the client can be connected during the development and review process and see the evolution of the project. To make this continuous integration a reality, we use tools that automate the publications on the server, such as Bitbucket pipelines, GitHub actions or Jenkins

  2. Countdown

    Image of the service step Countdown

    The next step is to set a launch date for the project. At this point, the server needs to be prepared so that everything points to the endpoints correctly for the big day. During the countdown, we focus on checking these aspects meticulously to avoid encountering errors or problems in the launch.

  3. Launch

    The big day has arrived, it's time for the project to go live. In order to carry out the production effectively and efficiently, we reserve all the necessary resources for this moment so that it takes as little time as possible. Our ultimate goal is none other than to see the client's smile at the end of the project.

  4. Fine-tuning

    6. Maintenance