01. The first coffee

Functional Analysis

In any Custom development project, whether it is a website, an app or a specific platform, the first step is to know the client's interests and preferences. In this way, we can assess the best options to meet their needs.

  1. First contact

    Normally, 1 week dedication

    Image of the service step First contact

    The first phase is focused on getting to know us and sharing information. This way, we identify the motivation and objectives of the project. We want to know every detail about the client's ideas and therefore, we ask a lot of questions about the project and needs. Additionally, in this first contact, we also want to resolve any doubts that may come up. During the first contact, our maximum concern and intention is for both parties to be aligned.

  2. Analysis

    Normally, between 1 and 2 weeks dedication

    Once we've collected all the information, we analyze it internally to offer the client the best options for each need. This job is done with the KPIs determined by the client as a reference and with the purpose of improving efficiency and productivity of the actions carried out in the project.

    At this point, we have a meeting with all the departments that will intervene in the project - designers, layout artists, programmers and/or content managers – and we make a precise evaluation of the cost, technologies we will use and the timings necessary for each phase of the project. It is helpful to forecast small obstacles that could occur along the way in order to set realistic goals.

  3. Definition

    Normally, between 1 and 2 weeks dedication

    When we have completed the analysis of the project, we show the client an outline of the creation process and introduce the team in charge of development. This way, the whole team, on both sides, knows each other and can establish a flow of two-way, direct and quick communication.

    Once introductions have been made, we define the methodologies that we will use to cover the needs of each personalized development and present a planning of deliverables to the client. We use communication frameworks, like SCRUM, to work collaboratively among everyone involved in the project.

  4. A touch of color

    2. Design and usability