02. A touch of color

Design and usability

Two of the distinguishing factors of digital projects are their aesthetics and creativity. At Omatech, we opt for clear, clean, functional designs with the unique personality that defines each client.

  1. Reading of the Briefing

    Normally, 1 week dedication

    To create a personalized development, we look at the needs and requirements of the client. In this sense, we do a deep analysis of the briefing and we soak ourselves in the philosophy of the brand. This way we can offer a product in accordance with the line and aesthetics required.

  2. Investigation

    Image of the service step Investigation

    Once we are clear about the client's guidelines, we step into action. We begin by doing a market study that helps us detect weaknesses in the competition and the aspects for improvement that we can apply in the project.

    Next, we delve into the latest design tendencies to find out which ones match the desired product for the client and adapt their needs to the latest innovations. In this phase, we also define fonts that we will use which must fit with the line defined for the entire project.

  3. Creation of mockups

    At this point, we create mockups, or demo pages, that help us have a first look at the final project. The mockups allow us to get an idea of user experience and, if necessary, make appropriate changes so that the final result is a pleasant environment focused on the client's objectives.

  4. Application of design and mockup styles

    After presenting the mockups and adding the final touches, we apply the predefined style and design to achieve a final project final in line with the brand's graphic that reinforces the corporate identity of the project.

  5. Final proposal

    Once the client has accepted the design and style we have prepared, it's time for the final proposal. To complete this and so the client knows at all times where we are in the project, we use interactive tools, such as Figma or Adobe XD, which allows them to perform a navigation comparable to that of the final environment.

  6. Let's get to work

    3. Markup